Companion App Announcement for Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition


Welcome gamers!

We’ve seen a great deal of excitement for Betrayal at House on the Hill, 3rd Edition since we announced that it would be coming to game tables this year. So many of you can’t wait to open the grand front doors of this haunted mansion and discover the terrors within, and we’re right there beside you!

We wanted to make 3rd Edition the best possible version of Betrayal at House on the Hill yet, and as fans we knew that the first thing to look at was the player boards and the clips used to track your traits. This was a particular focus for our team, ensuring that the pieces players use most in the game were functional and of a high quality. However, our team went one step further to give players an alternate option with the Betrayal Official App! This app is an easy-to-use tool to help you manage your game in real time.


With the Betrayal Official App players will be able to track important character info such as your explorer’s traits, and items or omens they may carry, and any special actions from those objects . Your character portrait may change as your traits increase or decrease to help add to the tension, and there’s even a spooky soundtrack for those who might enjoy the added aesthetics in the background. As you add items or omens to your characters, unique sounds are added to help create a table-wide soundscape!


Additionally, this app can help you manage the Haunt reveal and guide you through the special set-up steps unique to each Haunt – including determining who the Traitor may be! Through the app you’ll find references to specific page numbers in the rulebook and Haunt books so that you can make sure you’re handling the process correctly and that you have the appropriate references. The app will also have helpful reminders for the Traitor to aid them in managing any special actions that may now be accessible to them.


We’d also love to hear from you, our fans, about this app’s features. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts and which app feature or features, success or fail, are most important to you. You can reach us on Twitter @AvalonHill or on Instagram @AvalonHillGames.

Though you still have to wait for Betrayal at House on the Hill, 3rd Edition to be released, the app is now available and free to download (data rates may apply) via the Google Play and Apply App stores in select regions, and will be coming to the US when the game is released here. We plan to continue enhancing this app with future updates once the game starts to hit tables and we get more feedback from actual players. Until then…

Let the Haunt begin!


The Betrayal Official App requires Betrayal at House on the Hill, 3rd Edition to play. You can pre-order your copy on Hasbro Pulse today!