HeroQuest Companion App Update: Landscape Mode


Well met, adventurers!

2022 has gotten off to a chilly start for many, which means a lot of time spent inside playing games. And whether playing with friends, family, or solo one of the most requested features we’ve seen for the HeroQuest Companion app is a Landscape view. So our team got to work and made it happen!

Once you’ve downloaded today’s update, as you venture through dungeons and ancient keeps you can turn your tablet or phone to the side to get a wider view that more accurately matches the size of the board. This means less time spent moving the screen around to see everything visible in the dungeon and more time spent hacking away at Zargon’s forces!

To enable Landscape view, simply tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the app. This will take you to the setting menu, where you’ll find a toggle switch titled “Tablet Landscape,” which you can see in the image below. Once this switch is turned on, you’ll be able to rotate your device and the screen will shift in response so that you can quickly move from vertical to horizontal as needed.


We’re very excited to see this update in the hands of our fans. Our favorite set up involves using a screen casting device to send the image on your phone to a nearby television or monitor! This way everyone can see the action as you pass the phone around the table. Take a look below at what you can expect to see in Landscape mode.


Download the latest update now in the Google Play and Apple App stores today and let us know what you think of this feature on Twitter and/or Instagram.

The Quest is calling!

The HeroQuest Companion App is free to download (Data rates may apply) via the Google Play and Apple App stores, and requires the HeroQuest Game System to play.