The World of HeroQuest expands north in The Frozen Horror


Greetings adventurers! The next chapter of HeroQuest is almost arrived…

An ancient evil, long thought banished, has arisen to threaten the Northlands once more. The ancestral home of the Barbarian, the Northlands are a vast and frozen domain full of treacherous ice, malicious monsters, and hidden deep within… an ancient terror. The Frozen Horror has lain in wait, gathering its strength, and has finally come forth to aid Zargon’s Dread army. Though it is up to the four heroes to battle this fiend, first the Barbarian must overcome three challenges on their own to prove themselves worthy.


The Frozen Horror is the next expansion for HeroQuest, and you may now pre-order your copy through Hasbro Pulse! This expansion introduces a host of exciting materials to continue your HeroQuest experience. There are 21 fantastically sculpted miniatures, including a unique sculpt of a female Barbarian and 12 mercenaries to join the heroes should they need assistance. But Zargon’s forces are not left out in the cold – his army gains two polar warbears, two yetis, three ice gremlins, and the massive Frozen Horror itself!

You’ll also find two wonderfully sculpted Frozen doors, 35 cards featuring spells, artifacts, and more, ice themed traps and hazards, and more. These components will be used in a quest book that features three solo quests for the barbarian followed by five more quests designed for the core four hero team standard to HeroQuest. Finally, the campaign culminates in an epic double quest!


The Frozen Horror, originally known as the Barbarian Quest Pack, is historically known to be a challenging series of quests, so heroes will need to be careful traversing through these deadly dungeons. We look forward to hearing from our fans about what they think of the quests, and perhaps even how some of the Mythic heroes fare in these crystalline tunnels! You can always pester Zargon for conversation on Twitter @HeroQuest, or leave feedback for the Avalon Hill team on Twitter @AvalonHill. And don’t forget to share your adventures with us on Instagram @AvalonHillGames.

Will your adventurers survive the harsh Northlands, or will the Frozen Horror reign supreme? The Quest is calling!

Pre-order your copy of The Frozen Horror, a HeroQuest expansion, today on Hasbro Pulse, with an expected release in August of 2022. Please note the HeroQuest Game System, sold separately, is required to play The Frozen Horror.

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