Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition Miniatures and Characters Tease


Greetings, intrepid explorers!

Welcome back to our ongoing look at the upcoming Betrayal at House on the Hill, 3rd Edition board game. Today we wanted to show off one of our favorite parts of the game – the miniatures! You’ll spend most of your time in game handling these figures and moving them about the mansion, so we tried hard to get every detail just right. Each figure represents one of two characters, whom you choose at the start of the game by flipping your player board to the chosen side.

Here’s a closer look at first miniature:


This shows a wonderful 360 degree view at the figure that can represent either the “dungeon synth” loving Brittani “Beat Box” Bowen, or two time State lacrosse champion Michelle Monroe. Both characters lean toward more physical strengths in varying degrees, though Michelle is just a tad quicker than Brittani. You’ll also notice the dagger-shaped clips used on the player boards, which will hold steady and allow you to easily track your character’s traits.


Next let’s take a look at our resident holy man/healer:


Introducing Dan Nguyen, M.D., and older fellow with a penchant for fishing and documentaries. Alternatively, you could play Father Warren Leung, an aging priest who enjoys watercolors and even comic books to help him relate to his flock. You can see Father Leung starts with quite a health sanity, while Dan’s strong point is his knowledge.


Finally, let’s look up our green character:


Unlike many of the other character boards, the Green board contains two characters that have a little more unique traits. Jaden Jones loves solving mysteries and has a little more knowledge than his counterpart, Sammy Angler. Sammy may not be a quick at Jaden, but he more than make up for it with his swift speed.


We hope you enjoyed this little preview of our characters and models – there’s still six more characters (and three more character models) to go! We’ll get to them in future installments, as well as original art within the game, a closer look at the Secrets of Survival and Traitor’s Tome, and more.


Until the next adventure,

The Avalon Hill Team