HeroQuest Day 2023


Hello again, gamers!

The Avalon Hill team has been working hard behind the scenes on so many wonderful things this year, such as the exciting upcoming expansion for HeroQuest, Rise of the Dread Moon. This will be the first original Quest Pack for HeroQuest in THIRTY years! It also follows closely on the storyline first started in Mage of the Mirror – with the Elven kingdom in turmoil, Zargon will unleash his most treacherous machination yet!

We decided that such a momentous occasion was deserving of celebration, which is why we’re announcing that the day Rise of the Dread Moon is released - 15th July 2023 - will be the very first ever HeroQuest Day!


What is HeroQuest Day?

We’ve joined together with three wonderful partners and their gaming groups to bring you hours of dungeon-delving fun streamed via our partners’ accounts on YouTube.

First up, Ryan from Nights Around the table will begin the day with the classic quest The Rescue of Sir Ragnar from the core HeroQuest Game System. This quest is a fan favorite and is an excellent lead-in to the story of Rise of the Dread Moon –you’ll find out why by watching all the events!

Next, we’ll welcome Jamie and Jeff of Foster the Meeple who will take you through one of our favorite quests from Mage of the Mirror, The Elven Prospector, to help catch fans up to speed on the events of the expansion.

Next, Ashton and Daniel from Shelfside will follow up with an exciting original quest, Knight Fall, detailing an important event that launches into motion the events that will take place in Rise of the Dread Moon. This thrilling quest is packed with exciting twists and turns – you won’t want to miss it! Best of all, KnightFall will be available free to download at the conclusion of the stream.

Finally, Paula Deming will take on the first quest in the Rise of the Dread Moon quest book! Get your first glimpse of the expansion as our heroes start to uncover what deadly dungeons lie between them and understanding the significance of the Dread Moon.

But the day would not be complete without Zargon himself! The fiendish Dread Sorceror will be watching along from his secretive lair, live tweeting throughout the day. If you’re not already, make sure you’re following him at www.twitter.com/heroquest so that you don’t miss a single villainous aside.

And finally, don’t forget to pre-order YOUR copy of Rise of the Dread Moon (out 15th July) so that you can experience for yourself the thrilling story contained within. Pre-orders are available at the bottom of the page through Pulse, or at other retailers globally.

We hope to see you there - The Quest is Calling!


Schedule of Events

4pm CEST
Nights Around a Table – “The Rescue of Sir Ragnar” from the HeroQuest Game System quest book

6pm CEST

Foster the Meeple – “The Elven Prospector” from the Mage of the Mirror quest book



10pm CEST

Shelfside – “Knight Fall,” an original quest available to download FREE on 7/15



1am CEST, 16th July 2023

Paula Deming – “Ancient Waterways Within” from Rise of the Dread Moon



Meet our Partners


Ryan Henson Creighton is a Canadian game and puzzle designer. As a senior game developer at Corus Entertainment, he programmed, designed, and animated over 50 games for YTV.com and other Corus properties over seven years, and wrote and performed in commercial spots for Xbox, Nintendo, and others. He founded Untold Entertainment Inc. in 2007, where he created games and interactive pieces largely for Canadian kids' teevee producers. He co-created Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure with his 5-year-old daughter Cassandra, which received international acclaim. Ryan and Cassie recounted the experience in a TEDxToronto talk. Ryan founded LockQuest to design puzzles for the CBC, Pokémon Go creator Niantic, and others, as well as his own Toronto-based escape the room game, Escape the Book Club Killer. He served as the Narrative Director and puzzle designer for the Mysterious Package Company. Since 2015, Ryan has hosted Nights Around a Table, a YouTube series about board games. Ryan is the author of Unity 3D Game Development by Example: A Beginner’s Guide, and various science fiction short stories. He served as Game Control for Puzzled Pint Toronto for five years. He is currently designing a Virtual Reality video game for Toronto-area studio Games By Stitch.


Foster the Meeple is a YouTube channel all about Board Games and Board Gamey Things. Our main goal is to share our love and passion for board games with others in hopes we inspire them to join in on this amazing hobby! We are all about keeping things lighthearted and fun!



Shelfside is a Northern California based YouTube channel who do deep dives on all sorts of board games! They also make board gaming comedy sketches, game table reviews, Top 10 lists, DIY, podcasts, and more!



Paula is a gamer, improviser, and actress. You can find her streaming board and video games on Twitch, playing ttRPGs with The Glass Cannon and Good Time Society, creating Board Game Sketch Comedy on "Things Get Dicey", and contributing to Watch It Played. She also is one half of the YouTube reaction channel "The Gallifrey Gals" and creates the comedy history podcast "Remember, Remember" with Matthew Jude. No, she does not sleep.